Accounting & Financial Management Services


Start-up, Implementation and Financial Control

When starting up a limited company, representative office, joint venture or a wholly foreign owned enterprise, ScanAsia builds the Financial Department.


Financial Due Diligence

When a client is considering acquiring a Hong Kong or Chinese operation, the assets and goodwill of a Hong Kong or Chinese operation, we analyses and presents the financial data.


Equity Partnership

Over the years, ScanAsia has entered into equity partnerships with clients who consider this approach more economical and efficient than a consultant/principal relationship.

ScanAsia Consulting Ltd was founded in 1989 by Mr Staffan Lofgren to assist small- and medium-sized European and US companies in the areas of accounting, financial management and China/Hong Kong establishment.

Today, we have offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing and we undertake up to 50 assignments at any given time, offering highly personalised services.

Most of our assignments are referred to us by existing clients, law firms, banks and chambers of commerce.

“Almost without exception, starting a business in Hong Kong or mainland China without professional assistance tends to cost your organisation significant delays and extra expenses.”

Staffan Lofgren
Founder and Managing Director