Start-up, Implementation & Financial Control

Start-up, Implementation and Financial Control

When starting up a limited company, representative office, joint venture or a wholly foreign owned enterprise, ScanAsia builds the Financial Department by:

  • Selecting the Hong Kong/Chinese accounting software.
  • Proposing the Chart of Accounts and report formats.
  • Assisting in employing suitable accountants, if needed, and auditors.
  • Transforming Chinese accounting standards (in characters) to English, Hong Kong or your own standards.
  • Recruiting and training of your local accountants.
  • Financial control.


When the accounting and reporting system is up and running, ScanAsia takes up the function of financial controller or CFO, limiting the in-house number of employees in the Financial Department to a few accountants and cashiers.

For China operations, our Beijing or Shanghai staff will translate your Chinese accounts into English, carry out basic financial control functions and eliminate errors on a monthly basis. The financial statements are then sent to Hong Kong for final analysis and transformation into your own reporting format, if required.